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Any chosen QR code size could be digital printed, or delivered by email, unlimited scanning easy to apply on any store window, vehicle glass, fiber glass, aluminum, tailgates, trailers… etc., indoor or outdoor

Additional fee printing size on bubble free vinyl wrap material.

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  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: QR codes facilitate quick access to information, promotions, and product details, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Time-Saving Convenience: Users save time with swift access to details through QR code scanning, streamlining transactions and interactions.
  3. Efficient Information Sharing: QR codes are effective in sharing a large amount of information with multiple people through a single scan.
  4. Customization Freedom: Businesses can customize QR codes, allowing for creative incorporation into designs without compromising functionality.
  5. Data Tracking and Storage: QR codes enable data tracking and storage of substantial information in a compact space, providing valuable analytics and efficient data management
QR Code Function

QRC e-mail, QRC Facebook, QRC Instagram, QRC Twitter, QRC Vehicle, QRC Website, QRC WhatsApp, other

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