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Your choice of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration numbers and colors, lettering to fit perfectly your truck decals, cut out and transfer tape ready to apply on any door truck.

  • 2.5″H X 22″W DOT Compliance Decals
  • USDOT Numbers
  • GVWR Numbers
  • TON Numbers
  • KYU Numbers
  • MC Numbers
  • VIN Numbers
  • Perfect fit for truck doors
  • Ready to apply

Immediate shipment, local pick up available.
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Compliance registration numbers, such as the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) identifiers, are essential components in the transportation and logistics sectors. The USDOT number is a unique identifier assigned to commercial vehicles operating in the United States, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing safety by enabling authorities to monitor and track carriers. Similarly, GVW refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can safely carry, aiding in compliance with load limits and safety standards. These numbers are pivotal in promoting road safety, efficient traffic management, and ensuring that vehicles adhere to specified regulations. They serve as crucial tools for authorities to enforce compliance, monitor vehicle performance, and contribute to overall safety and regulatory effectiveness in the transportation industry.



• Remove all emblems, lettering, or other uneven surfaces from your tailgate. You may also wish to remove the handle (if possible).

• Make sure area of vehicle is clean (no wax or polish is needed) to remove any dust or debris. Make sure surface is dry before installation.

• Start by placing and aligning on the center of your truck doors. Use tape to hold decal in place so you can level it out. Once its in place make sure to lock down the corners

• Remove backing of decal slowly and with a squeegee or credit card wrapped around a soft cloth or other covering to avoid scratches on the material. Use this as a flattening tool to smooth the vinyl into place start pressing and rubbing down slowly as you remove backing.

• If a bubble or crease forms, slowly and gently peel back the vinyl (once the center is firmly in place, the corners can be peeled back) and firmly press it back down into place, starting from the spot where the bubble formed. You may wish to use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the vinyl around difficult curves, ridges, or other irregular shapes, but this is typically optional and not necessary.

• Once full decal is pressed down and installed you'll be ready to go

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